Experience that serves you.

Because of a wealth of experience in high-quality corrugated plastic pipe machineries and extensive pipe business services, DROSSBACH and its partners offer customer-orientated solutions. Furthermore, close contacts with long-term partners promote DROSSBACH's excellent reputation worldwide.

Since end of 2012 DROSSBACH Maschinenbau GmbH, M.D.S. Meyer GmbH and WPS - Water Pipe system GmbH are part of one group of companies. This provides synergies that benefits our customers throughout the entire value added process. From design through installation and operations, we are your partner. Our synergies give expertise in all facets of corrugated plastic pipe business, starting with design through manufacturing and commissioning the corrugators including lifetime service by DROSSBACH. For development, design and the choice of the ideal sealing system M.D.S. is your partner and finally the production and supply of corrugated pipe and fitting systems by WPS.

Since five decades DROSSBACH is the embodiment for metal pipe machinery and sets the benchmark for flexible and state-of-the-art metal pipe production. All pipe profile designs are produced from one metal strip, a USB connection enables production data download for efficiency analysis, the production is fully programmable. Furthermore the tools and profiling equipment can be interchanged between the machines. Experience, accuracy, competence and passionate pursuit of quality, enable DROSSBACH to develop high-class, efficient and reliable machines - Quality without compromise.