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Superior performance for a wider diameter range.

Drossbach HD 700

Technical Data

Max. mech. speed 11 m/min
PE/PP output 1050 kg/h
- Max. pipe outer diameter (OD) 700 mm
- Min. pipe internal diameter (ID) 100 mm
Number of mold blocks (per side) 39
Length 5600 mm
Width 4300 mm
Height (depending on extrusion height) 3200 mm
Length of molding area 2807 mm
Max. travel 4000 mm
Weight of machine without mold blocks 19500 kg
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  • Production of corrugated plastic pipes with high speed thanks to directly water-cooled mold blocks and an integrated full vacuum system.
  • The corrugated pipe machine is mounted on a solid, welded frame. This guarantees stability during high-speed production.
  • Electrically driven side adjustment of the corrugator with position memory makes final tuning during production very simple and fast.
  • Automatic vacuum control for perfect profiling of corrugated pipes. For each diameter and pipe material the necessary vacuum level is stored in PLC memory and selected on the operator’s panel.
  • Equipped with 39 directly water-cooled mold block pairs to produce 6 m long pipes, if required including inline produced sockets.
  • Mold blocks made of cast aluminum combine low weight and excellent heat transfer.
  • The spiral-mandrel die head provides constant premium quality of the corrugated pipe with a consistent even wall distribution.
  • After being adjusted, the die head is fixed to the corrugator by means of the centering ring, hence no further alignment necessary.
  • Easy and convenient access to mold blocks due to special doors on both sides of the corrugator and pneumatically openable roof allowing use of an in-house crane for fast installation and removal procedures.
  • Maintenance-free operation thanks a to fully automatic centralized lubrication system.
  • The corrugator is equipped with State-of-the-Art drive system – no calibration needed during life-time operations.
  • Simple and fast exchange of mold block inserts.
  • The complete diameter tools from ID 150 to ID 400 are compatible with the HD 500 and the HD 1200.


From ID 100 mm to OD 700 mm / 4” – 28”


PE, PP, PVC, PA, PVDF, further plastics available upon request.

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Superior performance for a wider diameter range.


Waste water
ID 100 – OD 700 / 4” – 28”
ID 100 – OD 700 / 4” – 28”
Rain water
ID 100 – OD 700 / 4” – 28”
Tunnel-shaped drainage type C1
ID 100 – OD 700 / 4” – 28”
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