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Optimum start tool for sewage pipe production

Drossbach HD 800

Technical Data

Max. mech. speed 5,5 m/min / 18 ft./min
PE/PP output

1050 kg/h
2,315 lbs/h

- Max. pipe outer diameter (OD) 800 mm / 32"
- Min. pipe internal diameter (ID) 150 mm / 6"
Number of mold blocks (per side) 9 / 10
Length 5600 mm / 18.37 ft.
Width 4300 mm / 14.11 ft.
Height (depending on extrusion height) 3200 mm / 10.5 ft.
Length of molding area 2807 mm / 9.21 ft.
Max. travel 4000 mm / 13.12 ft.
weight of machine without mold blocks 19500 kg / 42,990 lbs
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  • Production of corrugated plastic pipes with high production speed thanks to directly water-cooled mold blocks and an integrated full vacuum system.
  • Aluminium master mold blocks are carrying the mold block inserts. These are running in the machine on steel paving tiles follow the shuttle system.
  • Full automatic, centralized lubrication system guarantees maintenance-free operation.
  • After having adjusted, the die head is fixed to the corrugator by means of the centering ring, no afterwards alignment necessary.
  • The parking station and the shuttle principle allow variable pipe length even with inline produced socket.
  • Mold block inserts, fixed with quick fasteners, ensure rapid tool exchange.
  • The complete tools (mold block inserts and die heads) for ID 150 up to ID 400 (6" - 16") are compatible with HD 500 and HD 1200.
  • The machine can be electronically adjusted in vertical and horizontal direction.
  • The complete electronic parts in the seperate control cabinet are cooled by an air conditioner.
  • The spiral-mandrel die head cares for a constant quality of the corrugated pipe with a consistent even wall distribution.
  • Computer-controlled operation and monitoring of the complete production process; remote control and servicing available.


from ID 150 mm to OD 800 mm / 6" - 32"


PE, PP, PVC, further plastics available upon request.

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File name: HD_800_GB.pdf



Waste water
ID 150 - ID 600 / 6" - 24"
ID 150 - ID 600 / 6" - 24"
Rain water
ID 150 - ID 600 / 6" - 24"
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