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Universal extruder for processing of various thermoplastic polymers.

Technical Data

  • Screw diameter: 45 mm
  • L/D: 37
  • Max. output (HDPE): 300 kg/h
  • Max. RPM: 330
  • Сylinder zones: 5
  • Flange & adapter zones: 2
  • No. of tool zones: 20
  • Melt pressure sensor: 1
  • Melt temperature sensor: 1
  • Max. temperature: 300°C
  • Max. melt pressure: 450 bar
  • Gravimetric dosing system: INOEX
  • Melt pump ready: Yes
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Perfect solution for production of corrugated pipes, smooth pipes, profiles, etc. Perfect companion for DROSSBACH corrugators as main extruder or co-extruder.

  • Screw and feeding bush design optimized for any specific customer’ needs

  • Wide range of processed thermoplastic materials

  • Bi-metallic wear resistant execution of screw and barrel for long life run

  • Thermo-insulated barrel – up to 20% energy saving

  • Grooved water-cooled feeding bush for higher output and stable melt pressure

  • Effective material processing guarantees perfect mixing, homogenous melt temperature and no unmolten particles

  • Gravimetric dosing system up to 6 components:

  1. output & weight-per-meter automatic control

  2. significant material saving due to minimum tolerances automatic mode

  • 19” operator panel with user-friendly interface:

  1. recipe storage and management

  2. graphic display of technological parameters

  3. real time monitoring of power consumption (kW*h, kW*h/kg)

  4. alarm and diagnostic messages display

  5. archiving and further access to production history

  6. remote start-stop of downstream equipmen 

  • Supported communication protocols: ProfiNet, CanOpen, Analog

  • Built-in webserver for remote diagnostics and monitoring

  • “Right-hand” and “Left-hand” execution



from ID 40 mm to OD 250 mm / 1.5/8" - 12"


PE, PP, PA, ABS, PBT, PC, etc.



ID 100 - ID 200 / 4" - 8"
Cable protection
OD 50 - OD 250 / 2" - 10"
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