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Metal Pipe Machines

SPF 450 S

Premium technology for highest flexibility


The most economic way to produce chimney liners

SR 200-T2

Unbreakable reliability for endless production

SA 250

Automation in highest dimensions

SPF 250

Modular System for decreased investment

SR 300

Highest flexibility with a machine for all purpose

Flexi Wind

For a perfect finish of your coiled pipe


The DROSSBACH Post-tensioning pipe ovalizers. Always the ideal high-quality solution.

SR 450

Modular system enhanced!

SR 300 XL

Modular system enhanced!

DROSSBACH launched the first equipment for the production of steel pipes of its own design in 1958. Over the next decades we improved the technology and created new solutions to increase the efficiency of our equipment. Today our company is one of the largest suppliers of pipe machines in the world. The name DROSSBACH on the market of spiral metal pipes has become a household name.

Advantages of DROSSBACH equipment

  • Full production cycle of flexible metal pipes for chimneys and smoke removal. All important components are installed on the same frame.
  • A wide range of equipment: standard and compact production lines, installations for winding, deforming and compressing pipes.
  • Equipment modernization in accordance with business needs.
  • One device for making pipes of different diameters. Fast diameter change, minimal equipment downtime.
  • The equipment of different production lines is interchangeable.
  • Easy equipment setup.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Possibility of remote diagnostics and software updates.
  • Full automation of the production process.

After-sales service

DROSSBACH provides maintenance of production lines throughout the entire service life:

  • feedback online and by phone;
  • development of a new pipe profile design;
  • departure of service engineers to the facility, diagnostics and repair of equipment;
  • delivery of original spare parts from the central DROSSBACH warehouse in Bavaria.

Do you want to buy equipment for the steel pipes production? Are there any problems with the equipment? Write to us. All the message will be answered.